From Wednesday, November 1st to Saturday, November 4th.

Locations: City of Stavanger, with main stages in KÅKÅ (Sting Basement), Spor 5, Stavangeren, University of Stavanger, Øvre Holmegate (or as the Norwegians say: Fargegata).

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KÅKÅnomics is Quarreler’s Cathedral (KÅKÅ) main event this year and something new for the region. Norway as well as Scandinavia needs an economics festival, and no city can be deemed more appropriate to hos such an event than Stavanger. KÅKÅ is able to guarantee a content that not only provides quality, critical thinking and educational content, but furthermore a program of entertainment and autonomy. Tentatively schedule will be presented over the summer and a final program within the deadline of October 1st. We are offering tickets for the festival, separate days and individual events on a running basis. Book your calendar today.

Wednesday – Saturday (1st – 4th of November, daily from 17:00 to about 22:30).
Participants: Norwegian and international economists, lawyers, philosophers, writers and comedians.

KÅKÅnomics are offering an entertaining and highly applicable program happening in 3-4 café based stages every night from 1st to the 4th of November. KÅKÅ and Spor 5 being two of them. Overall, we are hosting about 25 debates, conversations, interviews, speeches and various experiments. Some of them being “Will money provide happiness?” and “Who cheats the most on their taxes?” while others take a critical look at migration and immigration and how it affects national revenue, some discuss the sustainability of capitalism. We have booked the Norwegian TV-show “Luksusfellen” (‘trap of luxury’) and a wide range of other participants.

WEDNESDAY November 1st, from 14:00 to 17:00
Participants: Norwegian and international economists.
Academic responsibility: Klaus Mohn, Professor of Petroleum Economics and Ola Kvaløy, Professor of Economics.
Final program and list of participants will be announced shortly.

THURSDAY November 2nd, from 09:00 – 16:00
CONFERENCE IN STAVANGEREN “Automation, Digitalization and Future Society’s Workplace”
Participants: Economists, researchers, writers, philosophers and politicians.
Aiming towards Norwegian businesses and international companies with interests in Norway, politicians, public workers, researchers, students and in general people with interest in the title.
Final agenda and list of participants will be published during the summer.

Every night throughout the festival there will be concerts and entertainment. Location: Stavangeren, Spor 5 and KåKå.
Firs out is the “Lulu Show” by Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen and band, based on “Livet er en dans på renter” (life is a dance on interest rates). Location: Stavangeren at 19:30.
More concerts and shows will be announced continuously on KåKå’s website and on Facebook.

All economists and other participants are asked to dress casually and convey their message in an easily understood language. Hosts, comedians and mediators are asked to dress as in high business and keep their straight face on.

The festival is inspired by the world’s first economics festival in Kilkenny, Ireland: Kilkenomics. For more information about this festival, check out Kilkenomics will take place a few weeks after KÅKÅnomics, so you may attend them both.

KÅKÅnomics collaborates with several organizations and individuals, Stavangeren, Spor 5, University of Stavanger, Tor Dagfinn Veen, KÅKÅ and Café Sting being some of them.

KÅKÅ Kverulantkatedralen is a non-commercial foundation and a debate- and literature house supported by Arts Council Norway, Fritt Ord, Municipality of Stavanger and Rogaland county. Founders are Kristoffer and Signe Anne Stensrud.

Artistic leader is Jan Inge Reilstad (Tom Hetland in the period of May 12th throughout June 20th)
Chief of administration is Alise Lea Tiller
Market coordinator and advisor is Randi Øglænd
Consultant in economic and administrative issues is Thomas Bø Andersen
Booking administrative for artists and bands is Johan Egdetveit
Furthermore Ane Sjøbu (The Norwegian Non-fiction Writers And Translators Association) and Terje Torkildsen from Rogaland Forfattarlag (Author Association) are responsible for events with Stavanger Prosalong and SPØR (Ask) with relevant content during the festival.

Editorial board consists of: Line Noer Borrevik, Marianne Holter, Terje Torkildsen, Kyrre Knudsen, Klaus Mohn, Ola Kvaløy and Jan Inge Reilstad.

The festival is supported by:







KÅKÅnomics take place at:

Kåkå, Café Sting, Bøker & Børst, Vinbaren (Gaffel & Karaffel), Spor 5, Stavangeren, Oljemuseet, Sølvberget og Handelshøgskolen ved Universitetet i Stavanger.


KÅKÅ Kverulantkatedralen is supported by:

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